Lucy Hogg

My work is dependent on the work of others, as I situate details of contemporary artists' production alongside more quotidian observation of the material world. I am paying homage to the persistence of art, but also testing its relevance at a moment when the world feels like it’s at some kind of tipping point economically and environmentally.

Lucy Hogg’s is photo based, shifting from a longstanding painting practice in 2008. Her most recent project, Monkey Painter, is a memoir of painting at the end of the 20th century, a two hour slide dissolve of images and text, now in the collection of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax.

Originally from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Hogg currently lives in New York City, after having moved from Vancouver, Canada, where she taught full time at Emily Carr University from 1989 - 2003. Since 2004 she has taught at the Corcoran Museum of Art and Design, University of Maryland, American University, and the Maryland Institute College of Arts in graduate and undergraduate programs. Her work is included in the public collections of the Vancouver Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Hirshhorn Museum, Canada Council Art Bank and the Confederation Centre Art Gallery.

In addition to her art practice, Hogg has written about other artist’s work for catalogues and art publications, curated exhibitions for non-profit galleries and has published photos in the New York Times, Washington Post, The Daily Beast, and Newsweek to accompany their arts coverage.