Portfolio > Art/World Triptychs 2016 - 2018

This set of digital prints are banner sized horizontal triptychs, 2’x 8.25’, images made with a Canon 5D.

Having shifted my studio practice over to photography, I now find myself operating in the space between the producer and the receiver. I can easily identify with the producer, involved as I have been in the studio process, aware of the details of production, the mishaps, the installation process, and the ensuing dialogue around a work. As a participant in the collective enterprise of teaching and dissemination of art, I almost feel like I have helped make the work when I look at something. But in the end I am a voyeur with a camera. I have the distraction of the contemporary viewer, observing peripheral details while ostensibly being directed to the main presentation, parsing out my own interpretation. We often will say, in studio critique, that the meaning of a work was somewhere between the intentions of the artist and the subjectivity of the viewer. This by definition will be a constantly shifting enterprise. In these photographs I am trying to represent that phenomenon.